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Tax servicesTax planning services and financial planning!! Have you ever thought about its importance in your business? Have you wondered why would you need an accounting and tax planning firm to assist you in the financial planning for your business? Many of you may not have thought about this, owing to the fact that you already have an expert accountant who does the accounting work for you. But the fact you miss out on is that an accountant can only help you in managing your accounts; he or she may not be able to help you or advise you, when it comes to financial planning or reduction of tax liabilities so as to increase your overall profit!! This is exactly why you need a good accounting firm – to handle your tax planning services in such a way that the tax liabilities are brought down by a fair amount, thereby increasing your yearly profit. Now, if you are looking for a good and experienced firm that can handle your tax planning services, look no further; we at the Fineberg & Associates are here to help you out!

Why choose us in providing tax planning services?

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Our experience in the field of tax planning, financial planning and accounting is the fact that we take pride in, and also what allows us to serve our customers better. With more than 30 years of experience in the field of accounting and tax planning, we have been providing the best services to each of our customers, for years together. In fact, we value the relationship with each of our customers. We understand that you are entrusting us with the most crucial part of your business – the financial planning that can determine the profit or loss of your company. This knowledge is what makes us careful and dedicated, while at work. The dedicated staff at our firm makes it a point to treat each customer as an important client, valuing the time and the money they spend.

What makes us different from the tax planning services provided by others?

accounting servicesApart from the dedication of the staff and the excellent customer service, there is something else that makes us stand out from among the other competitors in the field of tax planning, and that is our ability to adapt to the changing technology! The use of SaaS based technology, the latest software and other innovations help us to provide a real time assistance to each of our customers, something that makes it a lot easier for any business owner, may it be a small scale or a large scale business. That is, we can be counted as a next generation accounting company, owing to the latest technology and software we make use of, to provide tax planning and accounting services. We make it possible for each of our customers to view their data and accounting on a real time basis, via a portal that is specially developed for each customer. Thus, it becomes easier for each of our customers to access their accounting and tax liabilities related information anytime, anywhere! This also provides an opportunity for the customers to transfer confidential financial data and information securely, without the fear of any leak of information.

The services we provide apart from tax planning services

Apart from tax planning services, we also provide back office accounting support, bookkeeping or accounting and financial statement assurance. Whatever be the assistance you need in your tax related issues and accounting, we are here to provide the same, that too, at nominal rates. And with us around, you can be sure of expert guidance, advises and the best tax planning services you could ever avail for an affordable rate!

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